Super Junior

Dragonverse - NaNo '09.


The Thin Line -
[GinHitsu, post Soul Society Arc] Hitsugaya Toushiro hates Ichimaru Gin. 



Sora -
[Team 7 centric, hinted NaruSasuSaku] They were three together, and one apart. They had each other, and they had the sky.

What's In a Name - [Sasuke centric] Uchiha was what he was known as, and therefore, what he had become.

Kawaii - [Yaoi, lemon warning, slight crack; ShinoNeji with NaruSasu undertones] Neji and Shino were an odd pair, to be sure, but the others thought it was cute anyways. (Commissioned for Brittany-sempai)

The Purrfect Prank - [NejiSasu, Shipuuden-verse, WIP] Hyuuga Neji was locked in Uzumaki Naruto’s closet, half-naked, with a pervert on the other side of the door. (Commissioned for Tsukiken)

Bitter Victory - [NaruSasu, character death, one-shot] It only took one explosion of blood and tears before it ended.

Just for Kicks - [High school AU, NaruSasu, WIP] One school year. Six soccer teams. And one chance to be the successor to Japan’s national soccer team. However, not everyone will play clean for a chance of a lifetime. Winning it all is one thing – surviving long enough to do so, is another.

Fanning the Flames - [NaruSasu, WIP] Series of NaruSasu ficlets, most of which are pure crack. Watch out for the occasional innuendo and bad joke. And much, much, mental scarring.


Original Characters/Self-inserts

Original characters and self-inserts I'm not too fond of myself (though it's a different matter when it comes to original fiction, where slightly different parameters are set), but I sometimes do commissions for stories and stuff when my friends ask, and it gives me a chance to work with the canon characters and their personalities in a alternate universe.


Commissioned for Nick:
Legend of the Blood Soldier - [Bleach AU, post Soul Society Arc, WIP] The path he chose was revenge, but the journey was to be riddled with death and despair long before he even laid eyes upon the one he wanted so dearly to murder with his own hands. With nearly everyone against him and only three friends at his side, it seems a suicidal mission. But he’ll do it. He will do it. Even if it costs him his life. After all, it’s not like he really cared about it in the first place…

Commissioned for David and Sonya:
Legacy - [Shippuden-verse] Hunted, torn from their lives, and forced to leave their loved ones behind with nowhere to go, three friends chase after a make-believe world, searching desperately for a new life. The journey of a lifetime has begun, but surviving it with their minds and bonds still intact will be more difficult than they could ever expect.

Musings - [Legacy-verse, Sonya POV] Sonya wonders about things under the stars.

Humanity -
[Legacy-verse, David POV] David worries about whether he can hold on.

Learning - [Legacy-verse, David POV] With every step, he tries to grow.

Quirks - [Legacy-verse, Sonya POV] She watches, relieved, that they have made it so far.

Ninja - [Legacy-verse, Sonya POV] She's not the flashiest, but there is more to her than meets the eye.

Temptation - [Legacy-verse, Khue POV] Khue hates dancing with the devil. She hates herself even more for liking it.

Lies - [Legacy-verse, Sonya POV] This is one haze she can't see through.