by: Shiryu


They hated to admit it, but they couldn’t always be together.

They were shinobi. They were tools, machines to be sent out at a moment’s notice, with or without each other.

They needed each other – and so, they had always found each other, with just a quick glance in the right place, no matter where they were.

                                                                        太陽 Taiyo 太陽

During the day, when Sakura and Sasuke looked at the sky, they saw Naruto, playing amongst the clouds. They felt his warmth, the light splashing haphazardly over everything in view, opening the doors to a new day, and a new beginning. His entrance, always bright, always welcoming, was never missed.


At night, when Sakura and Naruto looked at the sky, they saw Sasuke, gliding across the celestial midnight sheet. They watched the elegant moonbeams, cold as they were, dance across the floor, as shaded light. They felt the dark of the shadows, which was normally intimidating, spread across them in a gesture of peace and contentment, as it silently tried to steal away their worries.


On twilight’s arrival, when Sasuke and Naruto looked at the sky, they saw Sakura, spread across the heavens. They saw her, deceptive in nature – for while she was delicate in appearance, she housed power and life – for do they not say that when a star falls, someone has passed on? Her light danced in a gesture of invitation, and simultaneously begged to be let into souls.


And sometimes, they were together.

Sometimes, Naruto slowed down, to dance with Sakura a few more moments.

Occasionally Sasuke trailed, to have Naruto nearby for just a while longer.

And at times, Sakura shadowed Sasuke, if only to let their light mingle for a quiet instant.

And sometimes, at the very end of the sunset, or the very beginning of dawn, they lingered together before one or more departed.


But not for the last time. Oh, no. Definitely not. They always met again, for no matter what path one took, their paths were wound together, occasionally drifting - but they were three together and one apart, were they not?

When they slept, had it been on a mission or at home, they almost felt safe – because it was like the others, one or both or all three at once, were looking after them. The sky was their guardian as much as each other.

They always found each other again.

They always found each other again, because they had each other, and they had the sky.

.:They were three together, and one apart:.


A/N: In case you're wondering, ‘sora’ means ‘sky’, ‘taiyo’ can mean ‘sun’(there are multiple meanings behind it), ‘tsuki’ means ‘moon’, and ‘hoshi’ means star.