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Writings of the Not So Sane

"Writing is a gift, a marvelous gift, to pen your thoughts for all to see, to bring to life the demons as well as the angels, and all the shades of grey in between." - Shiryu

Welcome; I see you've found my writing archives. Feel free to look around, but no taking stories to claim as your own. Honestly, If you're patient enough to have even found this site, you can probably write stories just as good or better. Have fun. Check out my journal as well as the 'Updates' list for new material uploaded.

Warnings: This site is rated PG-13, for containing boyxboy, slash, yaoi, whatever you wish to call it, as well as profanity and some material not safe for children. Enter at your own discretion.

Universal Disclaimer: I do NOT claim to own the works from which I derive my fanfiction. I own only the original characters and my personal writings.

Updates: 10/18/08 - Blog updated. (Holy crap, been awhile since the last time I was here. xD)
11/26/07 - 'Forevermore' posted, most fan fiction to be uploaded listed.
11/18/07 - 'Sunset', prequel to 'Sunrise', up; all written parts of Blood Soldier uploaded.
11/11/07 - Legacy related drabbles and 'The Thin Line' up, as well as parts of 'Blood Soldier'.
11/10/07 - Site launched, Sunrise added to 'Original Fiction'.