Seven Hearts

It's no longer kill or be killed.
Now it's just down to kill...

For some, it truly is a way of life. For the top class of Fowler's Academy, they know no other way to live.

It is in their blood. The will to kill, the will to exterminate without so much as a blink of an eye. The top-ranked assassins in the world are of this school. However, while they are groomed to be tools, there is still one crucial thing they have forgotten. They are still human.

As the uncomfortable awareness of humanity within them grows, the missions they are assigned grow steadily bloodier. Soon, they are going to have to choose.

And just when they thought they had committed the ultimate sins of a lifetime, another earth-shattering twist will seek to change their perspective forever.

Sought alone, and brought together.

But it only takes one thing to rip them apart.

Seven hearts.
Seven souls.
Seven ways to break apart.

[Mission One awaits.]


Prologue - Dress up, sit back, and enjoy the ride - right after one completes the mission, of course. All in a day's work for C.T.