It may not be November 16th yet here on the West Coast, but it certainly is over there in Japan. o( ^ . ^ )o Happi basutei, Nagayan!  <-(please ignore the bad romaji - I needed some amount of practice >_>;; I really need to get started on those nihongo lessons...)

And not to mention, Nagayan went to Tuti's play! Yappari, yappari!

I can hear the squealing from across the Pacific...

o ( ^ w ^ ) o

...okay, enough fangirling, more writing. Honestly. The time I spend squealing could be used to write so much more ( _ o _ )

I WIN. 11/13/2007

I forgot to mention that I am in love with Tenimyu and Burimyu, the musical versions of Prince of Tennis and BLEACH, respectively. There is crack, there is seriousness, and they make the story all their own, and bring the characters to life.

But I swear, there is so much fanservice. It's nearly overloaded with it.

But it makes for awesome fan fiction ideas. And hey, I got Tsukiken addicted to it. So for that, COOKIES. <3

Now, hurry up with 4th cast Tenimyu, Live BANKAI Code :002, and BLEACH MUSICAL THE ALL, onegaishimasu. <3