I'm really not sure how vampires came to be such an interesting topic. There's so many concepts in there that are just too interesting to leave alone - eternal life, the romance, the things that are lost versus what is gained. It's a haunting tale, and full of questions - what if a vampire were to fall in love with a human, whose life is terminal? What is it like, to stand still, as time moves on around you? Are you lost to history forever, condemned to watch it all pass you by?

Something like that makes you appreciate life that much more, and reminds you to move forward. Because unlike vampires, we don't have a few millenia to make up for our mistakes. We have less than a century. That is, if you're one of the lucky ones.


I do not claim the image above to be mine; it was intended to be a mock GinHitsu/Burimyu promotion poster by Rasinah from Livejournal.

I'm a member of the TutixNagayan community on livejournal, and it is utterly satisfying to manage to connect the little bits and pieces they give us. Maybe they're really, really good friends, maybe they're lovers, but they're adorable all the same.

And much love to all the members there who managed to connect enough bits to conclude with certainty that they have spent at least one night at each others' houses, alone. (Oh, geez, the fluff, the FLUFF)

...I think I need to write some TxN now. Seriously. It's addicting.

(And succeeded in corrupting Tsukiken some more <3 Yay!)

On a side note, Kimeru's songs are eating away at the subconscious part of my brain. I can only hope I won't break out into a verse of "Make You Free" during class. _o_

New Website 11/11/2007

Wow. It was actually a lot of fun putting things up. Thanks to Nick for the suggestion of a new writing archive (things were all over the place =_=;;). Hopefully I can get more writing up, especially original fiction. I love fanfiction, but original fiction is something that I really hope to be able to get into. the "Rising" trilogy is just a bit of a start off before I start getting into really plotting and fleshing out a story. I still love my fan fiction, though, and I hope I'll be able to write more, and to finish them all.